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The earlier post were mostly rants, grievances and re-post. This coming year 2014, I plan to post things that are more interesting. No more drama, just good vibes.

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(Photo grabbed from their facebook page. Credits to its rightful owner.)

If you guys tuned in at Magic 89.9 kahapon, around 6 to 8 PM, You probably hear Blue Boy Bites Back with their sessionistas Luigi Tuazon and Eco Del Rio of Jejaview, and Kyle Cayton of The 21st Fever. It was very fun listening to them. The band played 8 songs (if I’m not mistaken).

(Photo grabbed from their JUGS Jugueta twitter: @jugsjugsjugs)

Also, somewhere in the program, it is said that some of BBBB’s songs are now up to be your ringback. However, they didn’t tell us how so I just googled it and heres how:

Just go the site shown in the photo and click subscribe to the song you wanted to be your ring back. And that’s it! Everyone calling you will hear Blue Boy Bites Back!


kung may problema kayo sa BLUNT CONCEPT.. alam nyo naman na hindi kami mahilig magsalita, mag post sa facebook, or mag tweet ng mga kabaklaan or mag pasikat or create ng issue.. bale available kami siguro MWF or Weekend.. sa E.Rod. Cor Tomas Morato.. sa may gas station doon.. mga between 5pm onwards… apat kami.. suntukan na lang para matapos na., also applies din sa lahat na nag tthrash saamin.. By Lux Ayque, Blunt Concept